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Peru, the country , has come a long way over the last 40 plus years, since Peruvian Project President served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Iquitos, Peru. Their economy is stable, there is less poverty and on the surface you see a flourishing  country. However, when you start looking deeper, you can see there continues to be challenges for the poorest children.


UNICEF (United Nations Children’s fund) recently published report on the children of Peru: that discusses a realistic perspective of the status of the children of Peru.

Peruvian Project is in agreement with what this report says:

“because Peru is a country with great cultural, ethnic, linguistic, socio-economic and geographic diversity,
national averages tend to hide the real situation of inequity in which many children and
adolescents live”

The statistics, in general show significant improvements and since Peruvian Project started we have seen a withdrawal of aid from larger NGOs. Peru has alot to be proud of but the cycle of poverty has to be broken. That is why Peruvian Project focuses on the poorest children.

In the Loreto region, where Peruvian Project focuses on, the poorest children do not necessarily starve, but the incidence of malnutrition is very high. Malnutrition is often invisible and hard to identify just by looking at a child. It affects children such as learning and focusing on school.

This report also indicates that many of the poorest children in regions such a Loreta are not at grade level, making it more difficult for them to break this cycle of poverty.

Peruvian Project programs works to help bring these kids up to grade level,  with simple tutoring,  health and Wellness programs,  and partnering with other local organizations so these children can receive proper nutrition.


Many of these programs,  tutoring, Health and Wellness, and life skills workshops are dependent on Peruvian Project donors. If you want to know specifics about particular workshops we do, please email us at

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