Teenage Pregnancy in Moyobamba

Pregnancies among girls less than 18 years of age have irreparable consequences. It violates the rights of girls, with life-threatening consequences in terms of sexual and reproductive health, and poses high development costs for communities, particularly in perpetuating the cycle of poverty.  (Adolescent Pregnancy: A review of the Evidence 2013)

Help with school work

Help with school work

Peruvian Project works to address and prevent Teenage pregnancy through our education programs. It is shown if girls finish high school they will less likely give birth before age 19.

There are a few key stats ( http://www.inei.gob.pe )    which indicate that this is definitely a concern. In the Department of San Martin (Moyobamba):

52% of Teenage mothers only have elementary school level education

Only 18% of these young mothers have completed high school.

17% of teenage girls are sexually active before age 15.

According to UNFP (United Nation’s Population fund)  Teenage pregnancy is caused by several factors:

1) Human rights issues

2) Poverty

3) Violence and Sexual Abuse

4) No access to education and Health Services-especially reproductive health

5) Child Labor

There several aspects that can be addressed to reduce the risk of  Teenage pregnancy:

1) Educate and help children gain confidence in making their own choices in life.

2) Ensure that both boys and girls have equal access to education and opportunities

3)  Ensure the children’s rights are not violated

4) Identify Key factors such as poverty that is impacting the higher rates of teenage pregnancy

Peruvian Project, provides opportunities for the poorest children to mitigate many of these challenges. In Moyobamba, we have tutoring to help each kid do well in school and various workshops so they learn life skills that they would otherwise not be taught.

Your Donation goes directly to pay for Teacher’s salaries, school supplies for each child and facilitate workshops. In-Kind Donations include, pencils, pens, notebooks and books. These are also beneficial since many of the children are required to have these supplies for school but their parents cannot afford to purchase these supplies.  Other Donations that are welcome are  stuffed animals and dolls for special occasions such as Christmas or rewards for their accomplishments.

Interested in Donating please email peruvian.project@gmail.com 

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  1. Sandy

    Excellent summary and great idea to start at a fundamental “root” problem.

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