Thanking our donors!

Peruvian Project, Inc has many great volunteers and donors. Our organization makes every effort to be diligent on how we spend the donations.  Each of our donors get pictures and a letter from one of the organizations we support.

A great big Thank you for Mr. Richard!

A great big Thank you for Mr. Richard!

This month, Peruvian Project, Inc received a generous donation from Richard Cooper. This donation made it possible for PRONILOR to purchase much needed furniture and other supplies for their summer program and preparation for the school year! With his donation they were able to purchase new chairs, tables and notebooks.

TableS, Chairs and more!

Tables, Chairs and more!

Smiling from ear to ear!  a Brand new stool

Smiling from ear to ear! a Brand new stool

Why your donation makes a difference?

1) Your donation will go a long way. $100 can buy a set of table and chairs plus notebooks and books for 10 kids

2) 100% of your donation is used to directly help the programs. We do not take any ‘overhead’ that big charities tend to do. Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who contribute their time, expertise and money to ensure success.

3) You can donate for a specific program, or needed item. For example You may want to see the kids learn english your donation could be used to purchase books in english, training for a teacher,  or travel for a volunteer.

How can you donate?

Two ways:

1) Go to our donation page:

2) Send us a check to:  Peruvian Project, Inc; 57 Long Branch Drive, Henrietta, NY 14467

Have questions email us at

Finally, whatever you can donate whether its your time (reading and sharing this post), money, your contribution means alot to the kids, the Peruvian Organizations and to Peruvian Project, Inc. Thank you so much for all that you do!

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