Success Stories Part I

Peruvian Project, Inc  has supported COCID, a local small NGO based in Moyobamba, Peru since our founding in 2007; However, the Rios Owens family has supported COCID since 2002. We are so thrilled to hear about the success stories from the kids who benefit from this program.  Here are a few photos of former students and where they are now.

Peruvian Project, inc main goal is to facilitate the poorest of children to graduate from High School. This is a key factor necessary to succeed.

Meet  Norvil, Jose, Giovanna, Manuel and Hans!


Norvil accepting school supplies

Norvil a graudate of the COCID program in Moyobamba is now in his 3rd year towards becoming an engineer.


Jose 2002-2009

Jose, graduating in 2009, just completed his studies in accounting. He is currently working in his field. He also has returned to help out with various workshops for the current COCID students.



After graduating in 2008, Giovanna now works in the City of Tarapoto. In her free time she helps put on children’s theater  and helps her grandparents



Manual just finished his  post baccalaureate studies in Nursing to be a Nurse Aid. (Health careers like in most areas of the world are in high demand)



After receiving his high school degree, he has a steady job as a Taxi Driver.

We are so proud of these kids, whether they went on to study more or simply finished high school. The odds against these kids were extremely high. Graduating high school and the lessons they received from COCID prepares them to be productive citizens and to break the cycle of poverty.


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2 responses to “Success Stories Part I

  1. krameher pinedo castro

    Hola soy de Moyobamba, tuve la oportunidad de ser miembro de COCID y estoy muy agradecido.

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