Success Stories Part II

This post is a continuation of more success stories by the kids who participated in COCID, a small local non-profit that Peruvian Project, inc  has supported for many years now.


Meet Maria Gladys, she is in her last year in the Police Academy in Lima. She was a very good student. and made COCIDs ‘Blue cap’ club -An honor roll of the best COCID kids. The Blue caps are Buffalo Bills caps that were donated by the team several years ago.  Her parents sold various things on the street. However, they worked hard to help her get through school so she may have a better life.


Meet Segundo, He was with COCID for five years. He was also part of the Blue caps club He just finished his studies in accounting.


Marilu just finished and graduated from High school. She moved to to Lima and currently is working at the Magazine COSAS.

We are proud of these kids!  Just graduating from High school puts them on the path out of poverty!

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