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Poverty Stats

Perhaps you wonder why we focus on these specific communities at Peruvian Project. Without a doubt there is an emotional aspect to it. Peruvian Project board members grew up in the area and want to do something to give back, or like Peruvian Project President Bob Owens, served in the Peace Corps in Peru and two years is not enough to make a lasting impact.

Beyond the emotional reasons to  help these communities there is a real concrete need in these communities, that is another reason why we do the work we do.

Below are statistics I obtained from Peruvian government document:

Peruvian Project Community: Belen District, Province of Maynas, Department of Loreto

Belen, Iquitos, Peru

Belen, Iquitos, Peru

Population : 74,914     Percentage in Poverty: 38.1%     Percentage in Extreme Poverty: 14.2%

Infant Mortality per 1000: 25   Chronic Malnutrition: 31.1%

Households where children who do not attend school: 4.4%

Girls from Belen Iquitos Peru

Girls from Belen Iquitos Peru

Peruvian Project does their small part to reduce the poverty statistic. Your donations go towards paying for teachers and programs such as Wellness, nutrition, business skills and other life skills.  Our first goal is to ensure each child makes it through school and graduates from High School. Getting an education is step towards breaking the cycle of poverty.

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