The Peruvian Project supports and strengthens local organizations of the jungle area of Peru, with money and materials that encourage, facilitate and enable impoverished children to attend school.


To provide educational services for the impoverished kids of the jungle areas of Peru. To empower each child to reach his/her potential so they may become productive citizens. To ensure these underprivileged children continue with their education and not be drawn into the streets.


Peruvian Project Inc is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit based just outside Rochester, NY. It is run by an all volunteer board of Directors who work to raise money to fund specific projects that educate and empower poor children in the jungle areas of Peru including the cities of Iquitos and Moyobamba.

 General Information

Your Tax-deductible donation funds the salaries for teachers, purchase school supplies, fund workshops, construction of a Kitchen and new classroom and other specific areas. As a donor you also may specify where your money should be directed. Please contact us for our current projects or find how you may help.

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