Board Members Visit The Projects October 2019

IMG_0599.jpegThis is the greeting that Board Members, Luisa Ríos-Owens, Robert Owens, Jeff Masters, and Mary Kay Masters,  got from the Pronilor kids as they arrived for their visit  in early October of 2019.


IMG_0609.jpegIn spite of all the excitement the kids got back to work almost immediately. The “classroom” is small and narrow, but the teachers have organized the kids into small groups. This is the math group. Notice the two girls in the foreground working together while Señor Juan Carlos gives a math lesson to the others.

IMG_0676.jpegVice-President Jeff Masters and Board member Mary Kay Masters hand out school supply donations to each of the children in our Pronilor Project.IMG_0670.jpegIMG_0683.jpegVP Jeff couldn’t help but try out his Spanish to make friends.

They are often a little shy about acknowledging the camera!


The room that Pronilor uses is very narrow, but they have organized it to get the most from the three teachers and an aide.



President Luisa Ríos-Owens visited our site in Moyobamba!

Here are some of the kids in the classroom built with funds from contributors to PP.


One of many activities designed to give the children skills that can be used in the area to make money is weaving, baskets, hats, etc.PHOTO-2019-10-13-20-31-25.jpg




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