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Giving Tuesday

Please support Peruvian Project on Giving Tuesday to provide funds to help with challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic! Click below to donate any amount you can so we can provide the much needed funds in these difficult times. All funds will solely be dedicated to buy PEP supplies and pay tutors/teachers.

Students supported by the Peruvian Project have had an especially challenging 2020. The Amazon area of Peru, where our partner organizations COCID and PROLINOR work from has been the hardest hit by the Coronavirus. Students learn by using distance learning and many do not have internet access. Peruvian Project supports COCID and PROLINOR with funds to pay for Tutors and Personal Protective Equipment. The tutors help the children navigate the challenges of virtual learning.

Donate at our link at the bottom of this page!

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Covid-19 Update

New information:

**Our two locations COCID and Prolinor have been helping the kids with homework over the phone during this time of crisis. The government television station runs academic classes and the teachers have been assigning homework based on the lectures. Although this is more difficult than our normal practices, we are proud of how our tutors have been handling the situation. Their perseverance and dedication to the children’s education is inspiring. Our two locations will continue to practice social distancing and therefore our budgets have shifted to include materials like masks, hand sanitizer, phone bills and more. Thank you for your continued support.**

In this time of Global Crisis we would like to give you a COVID-19 update:

Our education project is on hold in both locations of Iquitos and Moyobamba until further notice as the children and teachers have a “stay at home” notice like we do in New York and the rest of the country.

All are doing well and we are looking forward to continuing our children’s programs as soon as possible!

Department of Loreto (Iquitos): 314 people are infected with the virus and five have died.

Department of San Martin: (Moyobamba): 15 people are infected and one has died.

Peru has a 2.63% mortality rate.

We are staying positive as are the children! Thank you for your continued support. 


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Annual Year End Visit to the Projects

President Luisa Ríos-Owens and Board member Lilia Chang visited PRONILOR in Iquitos to add some Holiday cheer, recognize the volunteers and give out the year end awards to deserving students.THUMBNAIL-1.jpeg

The tutors and volunteers being recognized by President Luisa. (Photo credit goes to Lilian Chang)


THUMBNAIL-2.jpegThe kids and their parents wait for the recognition ceremony.THUMBNAIL-18.jpegThe “Blue Hats” are awarded to only the hardest working, most conscientious, and most accomplished children of Pronilor. Here President Luisa and Board member Lilian pose with the “Blue Hats” of 2019.



The mothers are also recognized for their contributions. Each child is needs to be supported by their mothers and fathers in order to accomplish what they do. Each child and their parent is individually recognized and awarded the “Blue Hat” by President Luisa.THUMBNAIL-20.jpegTHUMBNAIL-27.jpegEach year Peruvian Project also sends gifts and school supplies from generous donors here in the USA to each of the students. This year we were able to supply Pronilor and each student with a year’s supply of pencils  donated by a dentist office in Rochester NY via Aimee Synesael.

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Peruvian Project Donor Party

Periodically the Board invites our many donors to a get together to hear the latest about our projects in the jungle area of Peru. This past Friday, October 25, 2019 we combined an official meeting with a party to inform everyone of what we saw on our latest trip to Peru by President Luisa Ríos-Owens, Vice-President Jeff Masters, Treasurer Bob Owens and Board member Mary Kay Masters. It was a good time! Thanks go to Karla and Casey Kurz for hosting the party in their beautiful home!

thumbnail-3.jpegBoard Member Teresa Ríos and Secretary Rubí Casado



Jeff and Mary Kay Masters sporting the shirts that Pronilor gifted them.


President Luisa, Board members Karla Kurz, and Lilian Chang



Board member Casey Kurz and Treasurer Bob Owens take a moment to smile for the camera.




Jeff and Mary Kay enjoying the wine and the Peruvian “finger foods”!



There were a lot of interesting stories. Jeff and Teresa listen intently to Rubí.



Steve and Jennifer discussing FOOD with Luisa!



Peg Warrick sampling the many treats served by the President



Just before most joined in to sample the many treats! (Ray Warrick and Bill Fanning in the plaid shirts.)

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Board Members Visit The Projects October 2019

IMG_0599.jpegThis is the greeting that Board Members, Luisa Ríos-Owens, Robert Owens, Jeff Masters, and Mary Kay Masters,  got from the Pronilor kids as they arrived for their visit  in early October of 2019.


IMG_0609.jpegIn spite of all the excitement the kids got back to work almost immediately. The “classroom” is small and narrow, but the teachers have organized the kids into small groups. This is the math group. Notice the two girls in the foreground working together while Señor Juan Carlos gives a math lesson to the others.

IMG_0676.jpegVice-President Jeff Masters and Board member Mary Kay Masters hand out school supply donations to each of the children in our Pronilor Project.IMG_0670.jpegIMG_0683.jpegVP Jeff couldn’t help but try out his Spanish to make friends.

They are often a little shy about acknowledging the camera!


The room that Pronilor uses is very narrow, but they have organized it to get the most from the three teachers and an aide.



President Luisa Ríos-Owens visited our site in Moyobamba!

Here are some of the kids in the classroom built with funds from contributors to PP.


One of many activities designed to give the children skills that can be used in the area to make money is weaving, baskets, hats, etc.PHOTO-2019-10-13-20-31-25.jpg




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