Annual Year End Visit to the Projects

President Luisa Ríos-Owens and Board member Lilia Chang visited PRONILOR in Iquitos to add some Holiday cheer, recognize the volunteers and give out the year end awards to deserving students.THUMBNAIL-1.jpeg

The tutors and volunteers being recognized by President Luisa. (Photo credit goes to Lilian Chang)


THUMBNAIL-2.jpegThe kids and their parents wait for the recognition ceremony.THUMBNAIL-18.jpegThe “Blue Hats” are awarded to only the hardest working, most conscientious, and most accomplished children of Pronilor. Here President Luisa and Board member Lilian pose with the “Blue Hats” of 2019.



The mothers are also recognized for their contributions. Each child is needs to be supported by their mothers and fathers in order to accomplish what they do. Each child and their parent is individually recognized and awarded the “Blue Hat” by President Luisa.THUMBNAIL-20.jpegTHUMBNAIL-27.jpegEach year Peruvian Project also sends gifts and school supplies from generous donors here in the USA to each of the students. This year we were able to supply Pronilor and each student with a year’s supply of pencils  donated by a dentist office in Rochester NY via Aimee Synesael.

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