Covid-19 Update

New information:

**Our two locations COCID and Prolinor have been helping the kids with homework over the phone during this time of crisis. The government television station runs academic classes and the teachers have been assigning homework based on the lectures. Although this is more difficult than our normal practices, we are proud of how our tutors have been handling the situation. Their perseverance and dedication to the children’s education is inspiring. Our two locations will continue to practice social distancing and therefore our budgets have shifted to include materials like masks, hand sanitizer, phone bills and more. Thank you for your continued support.**

In this time of Global Crisis we would like to give you a COVID-19 update:

Our education project is on hold in both locations of Iquitos and Moyobamba until further notice as the children and teachers have a “stay at home” notice like we do in New York and the rest of the country.

All are doing well and we are looking forward to continuing our children’s programs as soon as possible!

Department of Loreto (Iquitos): 314 people are infected with the virus and five have died.

Department of San Martin: (Moyobamba): 15 people are infected and one has died.

Peru has a 2.63% mortality rate.

We are staying positive as are the children! Thank you for your continued support. 


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